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Murphy Beds - from $1999*

Transform an underutilized spare bedroom into a comfortable home office by replacing the space-hogging bed with a functional Murphy bed unit...

Accommodate extra guests at the cottage with strategically placed Murphy beds...

Optimize the space in a small apartment, and add to the ambiance with a quality Murphy bed armoire...

...These Murphy beds are designed to accommodate standard mattresses up to 10" for a comfortable night's sleep; tilt the bed back up and it hides away, made-up and ready for next time.

These cabinets use 3/4" solid wood in the doors, and solid wood panel edges to ensure a beautiful, long lasting, high quality finish.

Available in Maple, Pine, Cherry, Oak and Walnut, in double and queen sizes, and both upright and lateral versions.

St. Lawrence
For all dimensions please review below.

StLawrenceWidthHeightDepthBox Frame Platform
Double(inside dims)Height
Upright5914"8414"1734"/8512"75" x 54"13"
Lateral8014"6314"1734"/6412"54" x 75"13"
Upright6514"8914"1734"/9012"80" x 60"13"
Lateral8514"6914"1734"/7012"60" x 80"13"
Width and height are indicated without/with crown molding; depth is indicated closed/open

The simple, clean lines of this design allow it to fit easily with most home decorating styles. Simply choose your preferred veneer!

* includes delivery & installation (this product is available in the Kingston-Brockville area only), mattress not included.

Please allow two to four weeks for delivery; deposit of 25% is charged upon order, and the remainder on day of delivery.

 Price: $    Quantity:  Installation/maintenance information

Installation and Maintenance

Please Note:

♦ The Murphy bed must be installed and properly secured to the wall by a trained installer.
♦ ALWAYS LOWER the leg set when opening the bed. Otherwise, you will overextend and stretch the springs, and possibly rip out the mounting brackets.
♦ Conversely, ALWAYS RAISE the leg set when closing the bed, as you would otherwise damage the cabinetry.
♦ Softly close the Murphy bed door: hold it by the handles until fully retracted. Improper handling could structurally damage the cabinetry or cause injuries. Do not allow small children to open or close the Murphy bed unless closely supervised by an adult.
♦ Refrain from rambunctious activities on the is primarily for sleeping/rest.
♦ Check your Murphy bed installation regularly to ensure proper functioning and secure attachment to the wall.
♦ Do not leave lights on inside a closed cabinet. The small enclosed space will heat up and may cause a fire hazard.

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