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Kingcord Hammocks - Sample Gallery

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Natural Beige Bougainville Hammock Kingcord Hammock Making Kit
Kingcord Hammock Stand Kingcord deluxe rope hammocks Kingcord deluxe rope hammock Family enjoying a Kingcord deluxe rope hammock Deluxe Bougainville hammock chair
Deluxe Bougainville hammock chair Deluxe Bougainville hammock chair

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Your Thoughts & Comments *:

Second Kingcord hammock - first bought in 2000, lasted for years!! Thank you! ... My favourite place in the world is on the dock at our cottage, in the hammock! AB, Belleville, 2017

Love our first one ... Wife insisted on second for herself! CW, Kingston; 2016

Excellent! We love it! IS, Brockville; 2016

Best hammock ever. Last one much enjoyed by many, lasted years and years. HR, Toronto, ON; 2016

I've had the hammock about a week and absolutely love it! It is easy to get in and out of and is so comfortable I don't want to get out of it. SM, Cumberland, ON

Love our new hammock. Old one still good after 15 years! HM, Orillia, ON

This was a gift from a friend. I've admired her Kingcord hammock for years & she bought me one for a surprise. CF, Sechelt, BC

The hammock was a great Father's Day surprise! It is very functional, comfortable and attractive! Thank you. JC, Toronto, ON

Retired and enjoying the hammock with family and friends. LS, Sudbury, ON

Very Comfortable. I love that they're handmade - worth any price. Ordered another one for spouse. SM, Hillsboro, MO

I just love it, so soft and airy. My retreat after a day of gardening. MM, London, ON

Bought 1 hammock + pillow + stand & liked it so much, 2 days later bought a 2nd one. RP, Perth, ON

My wife loves it. LC, Kincardine, ON

We are really enjoying our new hammock. Loved being able to see where rope is made. RR, Kingston, ON

Friendly Staff. Beautiful product. LG, Kingston, ON

This hammock is superb. LR, Oliver, BC

Great product! Thanks! Wonderful Father's Day gift. DC, Salmon Arm, BC

Prior hammocks were made of cotton and deteriorated in our weather. This hammock is for our guests at our B&B. BH, Inverness, CA

Thanks again for the tour! AJ, Pierrefonds, PQ

I love it! MK, Bridgeport, CT

The new hammock is a nice addition to the family. MK, Lansdowne, ON

Nice craftsmanship. BV, West Peterson, NJ

Excellent quality + very comfortable!! MS, Scarborough, ON

We love the hammock - it's beautiful! LM, Aurora, ON

Best purchase I've made in a long time! JG, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Kingcord comes highly recommended from friends. KW, Ottawa, ON

We are very pleased with the extra large forest green hammock we purchased. It is just what we wanted. ME, Vancouver, BC

Set it up today and spent most of afternoon relaxing in it Very comfortable! (&easy to assemble). DB, Lucknow, ON

Good product! LP, Sudbury, ON

Looking forward to years of enjoyment & relaxation! Thanks! TP, Smithtown, NY

Wonderful quality product ... would recommend to anyone. Thanks! MC, Brockville, ON

Thank you for the prompt processing of the order. The hammock is just perfect. RG, Navan, ON

Very comfortable & nicely made. DK, Winnipeg, MB

Great Hammock. SM, Rosemere, PQ

Just unpacked it last week & put it up - We love it! GN, Gresham, OR

Previous one we owned lasted between 15 & 20 years with much use. JT, Whitby, ON

We love it!! Although getting in and out can be comical. DH, Greendale AZ

It's gorgeous and very comfortable! (and beautiful looking!). MC, Maple Ridge, BC

Have always said I should have a hammock and upon my retirement one was presented to me. AD, Westlock, AB

Wedding Gift to us from my mother. We requested it. SH, Thunder Bay, ON

Wonderful hammock! Soooo comfortable! JF, Belwood, ON

It is very comfortable!! PP, Westlake OH

Received as a gift. DM, Calgary, AB

Your website made it easy to compare sizes and styles. Thank you! TL, Mt. Sidney, VA

Very pleased with product. AM, Oakville, ON

First day - took one heck of a nap! KW, Kailua-Kona, HI

Very easy to hang! DC, Calgary, AB

April 24, 2007

The hammock arrived today! Amazing service. Your shipment took 6 days to get here, 2 days less than the overnight parcel from Manitoba that was sent by another company.

Thank you for such great service. And I took the hammock out of the box - it's beautiful! So soft and such a rich colour. I can't wait to try it out and am looking forward to relaxing in it this summer, if I can pry my husband out of it. :) Thanks again for the great product, I searched for several days before coming onto your website. Your hammock's quality and the fact that it's Canadian and reasonably priced are the reasons I bought it from you. It was such a relief to finally find the right company, I was beginning to despair.

Have a wonderful summer!


Invermere, BC

June 3, 2006

Something I have never done before...

At a time when everyone else is cutting corners, delivering sub-par product and
service, dealing with you has been a real pleasure.

Your product is better than advertised. Your service was spectacular and far
surpassed my expectations. Probably the best 200 bucks I have spent in years.
Thank you so much for everything.

Robert M.,
Toronto, Ontario

Ecstacy! That is what I felt when my husband brought me home a Kingcord hammock. I have it hanging freely beneath a beautiful shade tree with a glimpse of sunshine rays streaking through the branches.

This past summer I spent many days lolling on my new swinging bed of rope netting. I like to think of it as a bed because it is so easy to just drift off with the slight movement you experience even while lying very still. Even this spring when the weather was chilly I would take out my pillow and old sleeping bag to place underneath and over me to stay cozy, read a good book and doze off.

I appreciate the aesthetics of my hammock. The deep dark forest green blends in with the trees that surround our property and the beautiful wood grain of the yokes adds a feeling of warmth. The hammock is very light and easy for me to take in and out of the elements at night so that I may have my luxury for years to come.

It has been a gift that I have enjoyed and will enjoy for a long time.

Yours truly,

Brenda B.,
Belleville, Ontario

Our family of five lives on the ocean...

For Father's Day, 1996, we decided to buy Daddy a hammock. We were lucky enough to find Kingcord Hammocks, who graciously supplied us with their superb Bougainville Deluxe Hammock. The fact that the wood is hand carved and the hammock is made from one continuous piece of rope by a Canadian family business, was definitely a factor in our decision. Not only do we have three children, we usually have lots of neighbourhood children as a regular addition to our family. Therefore, a hammock of superior quality and durability was a definite must.

Well, I am pleased to say, it is now May, 2000 and our hammock has survived, against all odds, to carry us through the new Millennium. It is still like new, and I am ashamed to say, with our busy schedule we are a tad slack at being efficient and putting our hammock away before storms or vacations.

Once spring hits we basically hang it and leave it out in all types of weather. Living on the ocean not only brings lots of squalls and rain but also lots of salt spray. After a storm, our windows are usually covered in salt. However, despite us, our hammock is ready to carry us into a new season. When I say "us" I literally mean "us", as it is a very rare moment when Mom or Dad will lay on the hammock without our little ones joining in. It is not uncommon for our hammock to have as many as 9 children and/or adults swinging at one time.

I would definitely say, our hammock speaks for itself and has definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty!

Michele N.,
Sydney, Nova Scotia


I ordered your hammock kit and recently finished making my own hammock. I used the forest green rope with red oak spreaders with a Cherry colored stain. It looks and feels fantastic!

I just wanted to express my thanks to you for offering the instruction booklet and materials to make a hammock. This was something I had wanted to do for a long time but I was disappointed at the lack of information I could find on the internet and in the local library. Then I found "Hammocks by Bougainville" on the web. Finally I've found what I've been searching for all these years! Finally, I have my own hammock, made by my own hands.

I am looking forward to making more and will be ordering supplies soon!

Thanks again!

Shelton, CT

[In a follow-up email:]

…I have ordered another kit, as you well know, a while back. The bed and clews were finished within the first week of receiving the kit. It's amazing how fast it goes when you've done it once already! I have been slowly working on making the spreaders, which is the time consuming part of making the hammock. One night I would drill the holes, another night I would countersink them, and the next I would sand them and prepare them for staining. Then it takes 2 days for the stain to dry before I apply another coat. Two days after that I begin applying the varnish, which takes only a day to dry. After 3 coats of varnish, the spreaders are finally ready!

Oh, and the first hammock I made is holding up very well! I take it down when I'm not using it so that, a) it doesn't get weathered, and b) it doesn't get stolen! All the neighbors are jealous and everyone that has seen it wants me to make them one!

I had mentioned to you my method of securing the hammock to trees, using ratcheting tie down straps. You can pick them up for around US$5.00 each [now US$8.00], or you can buy a 2 pack or a 4 pack for US$10 and US$20 respectively. Buy the largest length you can find so you can hang the hammock from further spaced trees. I believe the ones I have are 15-20 feet long. You simply wrap the strap around the tree and place the hooks into the hammock ring. I face one hook upward and one hook down. Once the hammock is secured this way, it's easy to tighten it up after it has "settled" and stretched. You simply ratchet it a bit! Couldn't be easier and it does no harm to the tree!

I hope you like my idea! Maybe you can include that in your manual as a suggested way of hanging it from trees, so we can protect the trees? It makes it a lot easier to put up and take down as well.

Take care,

Shelton, CT

I am writing to you to let you know how happy my family and I have been with our hammock over the last 13 years. All too often one writes letters of complaints, and they are easy to compose. I thought it was about time I’d put my pen to paper to communicate something positive!

Since we purchased our Bougainville Hammock in 1992, we have used it consistently during our hot Australian summers in Melbourne. It is enjoyed by both adults, children and now grandchildren alike, and has made our summers by the beach very memorable. To date the hammock is still in the same condition it was as when we purchased it, and hopefully it will last many more years as a beautiful reminder of our trip to Canada so long ago.

Best wishes,

Guido M. & family
Melbourne, Australia

Subject: Thanks

Nice ride, I picked up one of your units online. Baby this thing rules! I have found my new reading nook in the garden on Saturday mornings.

Vancouver, BC

PS I believe this will be my new wedding present to my pals, I'm sure it will keep marriages together.

July 23

Subject: Re: shipment hammock order

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to get a confirmation back from you! We have one of our own and just love it!

Sue R.
Toronto, ON

>Many thanks for this new order! It was shipped on July 20th by Fedex. Tracking #: ***************. Regards

August 2

Just a note to thank you for your time. It is nice to deal with a company that lets the customer know what is going on at all times. It is getting hard to come by on the internet!

I will send all who are interested your way!

Pat C

Newark, OH

>-----Original Message-----
>Sent: Thu, 02 Aug 07:50:11 -0400
>Just to let you know that your order of July 30th was shipped 08/01 thru Fedex Ground. Tracking #***************. Thanks again for your order. Best Regards

* Some companies pay for your testimonials. The above comments, however, were all volunteered by our customers through emails, notes or letters.

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