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Sun Shelters
ShadeMaster Sunshelter

Please click down through the options below to build your sunshelter the way you want it.




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Size and colour:
9'x12' Black stripes
9'x12' Sienna stripes
11'x11' Black stripes
11'x11' Sienna stripes

9': None
9': One (+$45)
9': Two (+$90)
12': None
12': One (+$60)
12': Two (+$120)
Other Accessories:
MosquitoNet ($175)
Rainliner ($99)
Tie-Down Kit ($23)
These Shademaster sunshelters really help you keep your cool

These well-made sun shelters block up to 90% of harmful U.V. rays, and reduce the temperature by 8C or more. With its attractive fabric resistant to tearing and prolonged sun exposure, its sturdy easy-to- assemble aluminum frame, and its convenient minimum clearance of 6 feet, this is the sun shelter for your cottage, deck or back yard.

We carry the Estate: 11'x11' by 9'4" high,
and the Cape Cod: 9'x12' by 8'6" high.

Other colours (solid sienna, brown or green, black tweed or reverse tweed) or sizes (Bistro 6'x9' or Courtyard 9'x9') available on request

♦ High-density polyethylene fabric, with the   color extruded into the synthetic fibre to
  retain its sharp color for years.
♦ Extruded aluminum frame
♦ Glass-reinforced nylon connectors,
  guaranteed for life
♦ Approx. 78" clearance to the side poles
  and 72" walking clearance under the
  fabric edge for all models
♦ Packaged in a convenient size box weighing
  less than 30lbs.
♦ One Year Guarantee against defective
  materials or workmanship (does not cover
  damages due to storms or high winds).
♦ Replacement parts are available.

ShadeMaster Sun Shelter - Side Panel

Great for extra sun and wind protection! Use one, two, or three for your privacy! Each side panel is made of the same fabric used for the shade cover with a sleeve that slides easily over the poles. The privacy panel comes down to approx. 25" off the ground.

ShadeMaster Sun Shelter - Mosquito Net

Transform the Shademaster into an elegant dining tent. The mosquito net comes with zipper entrances and a unique sleeve system for easy installation.

Sun Shelter Mosquito Net

ShadeMaster Sun Shelter - Rainliner

The Rainliner is made of clear woven polyethylene and is sewn to the shape of the structure. It comes down slightly over the eaves to allow the rain water to run off. Install the rainliner under the shade cover for permanent protection or over the shade cover for occasional use.

Sun Shelter Rain Liner

ShadeMaster Sun Shelter - Tie Downs (inset)

Secure your Shademaster structure to a wooden deck or concrete surface while maintaining a desired degree of flexibility. This system allows the structure to move slightly with the wind thus reducing the risk of pole damage.

Sun Shelter Tie Downs

Alternative Colours

Solid Sienna

solid sienna

Solid Brown

solid brown

Solid Green

solid green

Black Tweed

black tweed

Reverse Tweed

reverse tweed

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