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Arguably the most agile snowshoe on the planet!

Yowie Agility Snowshoes - $299

The extraordinary reliable Yowie has some impressive users:

 ♦ Ocean Frontiers 1000 Hour Day Expedition
   across Victoria Island, in Canada's high Arctic
 ♦ Denali-Alaska DMX Expedition - British Army
   Mountaineering Association
 ♦ Iditasport extreme race Alaska
 ♦ New Zealand Alpine Guides
 ♦ Army commandos in Afghanistan
 ♦ Police Rescue

Large (10-14 US)
Medium (6-11 US)
Ochre (Purple)
Petrol (Blue-Green)

The most agile snowshoe
Yowie combines a patented flexible deck with state-of-the-art materials to create total free movement forward, backward, and sideways.

The world's first and best flexible snowshoe gives superior agility on snow. Kick-step straight up a fall line on the steepest slope. Run past unavoidable avalanche-prone regions. Move sideways around obstacles. Yowie Agility is the toughest, minimalist, yet mind-blowingly easy-to-use snowshoe.

Every time you lift your foot, the shoe flexes and the snow sheds. The angles, surfaces and materials of Yowies are all carefully selected to minimize ice and snow build-up. If you look closely, you will notice the many subtle features of the platform, the harness and the cleats, which are all designed specifically to enhance shedding.

Hexagon patterned base provides excellent grip in all directions.
Crampons complement the hexagons by gripping ice. The cleats are of high tensile marine grade aluminum with very open internal angles allowing ice to drop out.
The unique Dual Harness binding system securely and comfortably holds the boot. Inner straps prevent side movement of the boot on the deck. Outer straps prevent forward and backward movement, and stop the boot lifting away from the deck. Together, they deliver an unparalleled stability for your boot on the flexible snowshoe.

Lifetime Warranty against defaults in materials or workmanship, to original purchaser.
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