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Kingcord Hammock weave detail

   Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best Hammock

Like everything else, hammocks come in a variety of styles and qualities. If you need a hammock for a bushwalk, you should get a lightweight, Mayan style hammock. A Brazilian hammock may provide a wonderfully decorative accent to your indoor decor. On the other hand, if you crave comfort and have plenty of space for a nice big hammock, the cool, traditional Carolina rope hammock is your best bet. The guide below will identify the points to consider when shopping for a Carolina rope hammock, using our own hammocks as a standard for comparison.

CORD5/16" (8mm) Braided Soft Spun PolyesterTwisted Cotton PolypropyleneVaries
Made Where:Our Canadian Factory
Whose Formula:Own 16-braid FormulaGeneric 2 or 3 ply
Colours:Camouflage, Forest Green, Natural BeigeNatural Beige
UV Protection:InherentNoLimitedVaries
Poolside:RecommendedCotton will rotMay deteriorateSpecial Care
Feel:Luxuriously SoftMuch harderEven rougherVaries
Made Where:Our factory
Holes:Very Smooth
Countersink:Very Smooth
Protection:2 layers Marine varnish; 1 layer cold wax
BEDOne Single Woven String: no unsightly knots
Give:Cord slides smoothly through holesVariesVariesVaries
Use:Easy to get in or outAcceptableAcceptableVaries
Comfort:Very ComfyAcceptableVariesVaries: Retains heat
Loops:More than 36/sqft??N/A
Bed Size:X-Large: 7 feet by 5 feet; 13 feet overall
Medium: 6 feet by 4 feet; 12 feet overall
Harness (clew):Tightly woven diamond (picture)
Overall Finish:Great attention to detail; neat - see gallery
Retains size & shape; just shake
Packaging:Both Bagged & Boxed
Warranty *:3 Years Any Defect Replacement *
copyright, 2016

Warranty *

Upon registration, we guarantee our Kingcord-made hammocks against defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. If during those three years any such defects materialize, we will at our discretion replace or repair the hammock. Of course, this guarantee does not cover such factors as normal wear and tear, damage caused by vandalism, pets or wildlife, or prolonged exposure to the elements, e.g. precipitation, humidity.

Technical Background

As manufacturers of high quality hammocks and innovators in braided hammock cord (at least 20% stronger than twisted cord), we have been in business since 1979. Over this time, we have experimented with most yarns and yarn colors to find those best suited to the heavy workout active families put hammocks through. Beginning with polypropylene (olefin), we were first to recognize that forest green (naturally, in hindsight) would become the most popular color. The inherent limitations of olefin (rough, scratchy, slightly oily, resigned sighs from our weavers) spurred us to find something that we could wholeheartedly recommend to all our customers. Naturally, we turned to cotton. While braided natural cotton would seem ideal, we also considered cotton's heavy use of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, its dustiness in the braiding process, and its tendency to rot and attract mold when wet. The only cord that was both stronger, more durable and rotproof, yet had cotton-soft texture better than cotton itself, was soft-spun polyester. And so, we introduced the braided soft-spun polyester hammock to the world in 1992. As this unique, luxuriously soft and highly durable hammock has since become recognized as the gold standard for rope hammocks, we've gradually phased out olefin rope, and we haven't sold olefin hammocks online since 2000.

But our hammocks are not just loved for their comfort; the eye must also be pleased. The beauty of every Kingcord hammock derives both from the neatly woven rope, and from a master woodworker's attention to detail that goes into the making of every spreader, producing a smoothly polished surface throughout, including inside the countersunk-and-bevelled holes. This is again not merely appealing to the eye, but highly functional. To coin a phrase, it allows the spreaders to "float", to perform their task of spreading the hammock bed by letting the rope slide freely through the spreaders, without putting undue tension on the spreaders or needlessly catching on or chafing the rope. The hammock adjusts freely to your weight for maximum comfort.

Many of our customers have spent years searching in vain for that perfect hammock; as corny as it may sound, we take our responsibility in helping end your search very seriously! Please feel free to use the table above, and e-Mail us if you have questions or comments: we respond to every email we receive.

Taking Care of your Hammock

While our hammocks are made to be thoroughly enjoyed indoors and especially outdoors, like all things natural the spreader bars are susceptible to the elements. It's a good idea to wax them regularly, to help protect the finish and prevent moisture from affecting the wood, and thus extend the beauty of the spreaders. Optimally, the hammock should be used in a dry location without excessive direct sunlight which naturally weathers the wood, and stored overnight to dry and prevent prolonged exposure to moisture or humidity.

Unlike cotton, our spun polyester doesn't rot. However, anything left damp too long will develop mold or mildew. Don't leave the hammock lying in the grass! And let the hammock dry completely before storing it rolled up in a bag or box. In addition, since sharp-toothed animals are everywhere, count them among the elements! Some have a predilection for hammock cord to line their nests, or simply to have something to chew on. When hanging or storing your hammock, make sure it is out of reach of such animals. Winter-store your hammock completely dry, preferably in a closed bag/box. Remember, mice need just a tiny hole to squeeze through!

First hang the Hammock...

The hammock should be strung between two solid support structures preferably the length of the hammock apart or slightly more, since the hammock will stretch a little as it is used (initially, the hammock should be a little tight to compensate for that). Solid support structures include strong trees, sturdy well-secured posts, and a portable hammock stand. Our stands are 2 or 3 feet longer than the hammocks, and come with chains to bridge the gap.

Always ensure that the hammock is securely attached. This means, if you're using hooks to attach to a tree, turn the hooks deep into the wood, not just into the bark of the tree. The hook's eye should end up flush with the bark. Don't force the hook as that may destroy the thread and cause metal fatigue. The same holds when screwing the hook into a post; the hook's eye should end up flush with the surface of the wood. You can drill a narrow pilot hole to facilite entry of the hook. Check regularly that the hooks are still firmly attached, and the support structures still solid. Since every good hammock has a little "give" when you lie in it, install the hooks about 4 feet from the ground to avoid "scraping bottom". You can also adjust the tightness of the hammock: the tighter it's stretched, the higher you stay off the ground.

Always ensure that the hammock is safely located. This means that you should not hang it too close to the edge of your deck or any other precipice, or anywhere someone might get hurt after getting in or out in an uncontrolled fashion.

Always ensure that the hammock is still safe: e.g., check if cords may have been chewed or become untied, if a spreader bar has developed a weak spot, if the metal hardware has rusted or otherwise weakened.  

...And then you lie in it

Grab the hammock, sit down approximately in the center, then take hold of the sides of the hammock for balance. Now lie back and swing your legs onto the hammock. You can lie on the center line of the hammock, or if you want to lie a little flatter, diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner. You can also, after sitting down, just lie back and lie across the hammock with your feet still dangling over the side. Just make sure your weight is balanced .

Our Extra Large hammocks will easily carry two tall regular-sized adults, while the Medium hammocks are primarily meant for a single person not much taller than 6 feet, though couples have been known to get in quite comfortably. Please note that while our hammocks can carry lots of weight, any chain is only as strong as its "weakest link"! - So make sure you securely attach the hammock to solid support structures, with proper hooks, chains, rope or straps.

  Visit us at our workshop in the heart of the Thousand Islands, where experienced craftsmen still make each hammock entirely by hand.

  Monday to Friday from 10 to 5;
  Saturday from 10 to 2.

  Summer Hours: 7 days a week, from 9 to 7.

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