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Mayan Hammock - from $59

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Mayan Hammock

Queen XS

Mayan hammocks

This vibrant, multi-coloured Mayan hammock comes in a rainbow of colours, and is made with miles of strong, durable nylon cord. It is still in use by many in the traditional way as a cool, practical, space-saving and comfortable bed/sofa.

The Double-sized hammock easily fits two people; the Queen-sized fits three or more.The Queen XS (Extra Strong) is made with cord that is three times thicker than the regular cord, for superior durability.

Double: 6' wide, 6.7' long: 13.3' overall length;
     400 lbs. capacity
Queen: 7' wide, 6.7' long: 13.3' overall length;
     500 lbs. capacity
Queen XS: 7' wide, 6.7' long: 13.3' overall;
     660 lbs. capacity

Colours:     Variety of Multi-hued colours
Hanging distance: 8 to 13 feet.

Suggested accessories:
Hammock Pillow ($29)
Ratchet Strap Set ($24)
Metal Hanging Hardware ($12)
Throw Blanket ($59)

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